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Whole HomeSurgeProtector

Whole Home Surge Protection Sales & Service in Tucson, Catalina Foothills, Casas Adobes, and nearby areas

Whole house surge protectors differ from power strips that also serve as extension cords. They’re designed to protect your entire Tucson home, including appliances and electronic equipment from the destructive effects of power surges.

How Whole Home Surge Protectors Work

These devices neutralize spikes in electrical voltage that damage property. They divert excess current by blocking it or by shorting it into the ground. Surge protectors can keep your home safe from external threats like lightning strikes. They can also protect you from internal threats like the surges caused by major appliances as they cycle on and off.

Electronics and appliances with microprocessors are particularly sensitive to power surges. They’re affected by even minute power fluctuations. They only work properly when receiving the correct voltage.

Home surge protectors should only be installed by a licensed electrician. Prior to installation, your electrician will inspect the wiring in your service panel for defects and potential problems. Surge protectors are usually hard-wired to your home’s electrical box. Knowledgeable installation is mandatory. A surge protection system won’t work if it’s not properly grounded. Installation usually takes about two hours.

What Does Whole House Surge Protection Guard Against?

  • Damaged circuit boards on electronic appliances including computers, refrigerators, LED lights, smart devices, washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers and HVAC systems.
  • Direct lightning hits and damaging voltage fluctuations caused by bursts of high current from nearby homes and downed utility lines.
  • Electrical bursts from major appliances that cycle on and off. Up to 80 percent of the power surges in your home are caused by cycling appliances, especially air conditioners and refrigerators. Smaller appliances like vacuums and hair dryers can cause voltage fluctuations as well. Over time, these mini-surges overwork your appliances and reduce their service lives.

Would Your Home Benefit From a Whole House Surge Protector?

As Tucson homes become increasingly equipped with sophisticated electronic devices, the demand for whole home surge protectors increases. Surge protection is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and guards against property damage and expensive property replacement. With just one power surge, the installation will pay for itself.

At MVP Air Conditioning, we know that power surges can destroy your entire HVAC system. We install Eaton’s Complete Home Surge Protection Type 2 Devices (CHSPT2 Series). These devices are perfect for Tucson homeowners who want extra protection for sophisticated HVAC systems. Eaton’s Complete Surge Protection creates a state-of-the-art barrier at the point of entry to your home. It reduces power surges to acceptable levels that won’t harm your appliances or electronic equipment.

To learn more about protecting your home and property with whole home surge protection, call MVP Air Conditioning today.

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