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In addition to offering air conditioning, furnace, and heat pump installation and repair, MVP Heating & Air Conditioning can improve the indoor air quality inside your home. Dust and indoor air pollutants can make even a properly cooled home unhealthy and uncomfortable to live in. We offer indoor air quality services for our customers, including filtration and more.

Why Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Even if you work long shifts, you can still expect to spend hours at home every night. The air you breathe while you’re asleep shouldn’t be taken for granted. In fact, the quality of the air circulating through your home can impact your life by affecting your health, comfort, and budget.


Not only is dust generally unhygienic, but poor air quality can harbor bacteria, irritating pollen, and other unhealthy particles. Improving your air quality can increase the quality of life for everyone in your household. This is especially important for those with weaker immune systems, such as small children, elderly family members, and those who suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma. Allergies can also be a problem, especially during the spring when pollen is in the air.


Even for people who don’t have pre-existing respiratory conditions, contaminated air can be a real problem. Dust can worsen eczema and can even irritate the mucous membranes in your respiratory tract and make you sneeze. Do yourself a favor and keep your air as dust-free as possible with our air filtration and other air quality services.


The dust in the air can settle on valuable belongings such as paintings and antiques. In some cases, this can result in deterioration that will require expensive repair or restoration efforts. Extreme dust buildup can potentially damage electronics by building up around fans and vents and causing your electronics to overheat. Cleaner air can help keep your belongings in better shape. It also helps your heating and cooling system function optimally.


What We Can Do

To counter the problems low-quality air can cause, we’ve come up with several ways to help you clean your air and keep it pure and healthy:

Sealing Leaks in Your Air Ducts

This is a process that checks whether ducts are airtight. When inspecting your ductwork for leaks, we have to seal off any vents and registers in order to build up pressure so that leaks become more obvious. Then we can locate the leaks and seal them up.

Install Filtration Systems

Whether you’re concerned about allergies or the health effects of dusty air, a good air filtration system is the best way to maintain air quality. In addition to the air filter already in your HVAC system, you may opt to add an air purification system to remove pollutants. We can install a number of different systems suitable for almost any situation. Some of the types of filters we specialize in include:

  • Electronic filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Electro-static filters
  • Ozone air purification

Different types of filters are best for different situations. We can help you choose the right one for your home.

MVP Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing indoor air quality services in Tucson for decades. We have both the industry expertise and local savvy needed to help you with whatever personalized air quality solution you may need. But even more important is our great customer service. We will make sure each job ends with you feeling comfortable and satisfied with your home’s indoor air quality.


If you’re unsure about whether you should invest in indoor air quality improvements or if you’d like advice on which air quality solution is right for you, don’t hesitate to call us today. Our service area includes Tucson, Catalina Foothills, Casa Adobes, and Oro Valley, AZ and the surrounding areas.




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