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Air Heat Pump Collection

Heat Pump Repair, Installation & Service Company in Tucson, Catalina Foothills, and surrounding areas

A heat pump is an energy-efficient solution that’s most suitable for climates that don’t experience extreme temperatures. At MVP Air Conditioning, we offer heat pump repair, installation and maintenance services to residents in Tucson and the surrounding areas.

How a Residential Heat Pump Works

It’s easier to understand the function of a heat pump when you compare it to a household freezer. The term “heat” can be misleading because the system also provides cool air. When the device is activated for heating, the pump is going to efficiently pull heat from the ground or surrounding outside air. Providing cool air relies on a refrigeration cycle that pulls heat out of the home to improve comfort.

A regular furnace is efficient, but it’s a serious drain on resources in every season. Heat pumps use renewable electricity instead of natural gas so they are more environmentally friendly. A heat pump also provides both heating and cooling settings so there’s no need for an air conditioner during the cooling season. If you switch to a heat pump, you will end up saving money on your utility bills.

Different Types of Heat Pump Installations

    • Ductless: When single-room temperature control is sufficient for your needs, a ductless system is going to evenly and quietly distribute the optimal temperature.
    • Geothermal: Using the ground as a source of heating and cooling is an efficient geothermal design that does not drain non-renewable resources.
    • Air Source: Provided that the geographic area is suitable for mild temperature control, the air source system extracts heat or cool air from the immediate area.

Heat Pump Features

Basic and advanced features that you can find in a heat pump are going to offer a variety of immediate benefits:

      • Two-speed compressors are much better than a standard compressor model when it comes to zone control systems. It reduces the rate of compressor wear and allows you to cut down on the use of electricity as the unit operates. When this component is implemented into the zone control system in a larger home, the heat pump can actually provide different temperatures to different rooms.
      • Dual or variable-speed motors powering the internal fans improve overall comfort as the air moves continually. It’s going to help cut down on drafts of cool air while heating, and the blower is going to be less noisy when running at a lower speed.
      • A desuperheater is a feature that comes standard in many high-efficiency systems because it reduces waste. When the unit is in cooling mode, the wasted heat can be used as a water heater. Using this type of heat pump is going to provide up to three times more efficiency than a standard electric water heater.

Heat Pump Maintenance

The following services should be provided during yearly maintenance of your heat pump:

        • A full inspection and thorough cleaning of all internal components
        • Test for duct leakage and repairing the seal if needed
        • Airflow measurement
        • Test for refrigerant level and leak detection
        • Lubricate moving parts
        • Verify accuracy and function of thermostat and other controls.

To learn more about our heat pump services, contact MVP Air Conditioning today.

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