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heat pump located in the back yard

Why Doesn’t My Heat Pump in Tucson, AZ Stay On?

A faulty heat pump will show some signs that hint all is not well. One of the common indications is short cycling. In this article, we will explain why your heat pump in Tucson, AZ short cycles.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

A thermostat reads the indoor temperatures and prompts the heat pump to start a temperature regulation cycle if the temperatures are below or above your preferred range. If the device is near windows or doors, it will detect fluctuating temperatures, thus prompting the pump to turn on and off multiple times.

Your HVAC system may also turn on and off multiple times if there is damaged wiring connecting it and the thermostat. Request a technician to repair frayed wiring to optimize the communication between the thermostat and the heat pump.

An Oversized Heat Pump

Various HVAC systems have different temperature regulation capacities. We refer to an HVAC system as oversized when its capacity exceeds your home’s temperature needs.

When you have an oversized heat pump installed in your home, the system may complete a temperature regulation cycle too quickly, which can lead to hot or cold spots in your home as well as other issues. Replace it with a system whose capacity matches your home’s heating and cooling loads.

Airflow Issues

If your system has a clogged air filter, it will experience difficulties drawing air. This can result in short cycling.

Also, if your ducts have leaks, they allow air from your system to escape before reaching your indoor airspace. In turn, your HVAC system turns on and off multiple times, trying to compensate for this loss. Change your air filter regularly (every one to three months as needed) and have your ductwork checked.

Addressing the issues causing short cycling enables your HVAC system to distribute temperatures evenly in your home, thus keeping your family comfortable. Contact MVP Heating & Air Conditioning for quality heating services if your heat pump does not stay on. We will resolve all the issues that we find.

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