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heat pump noises

Troubling Heat Pump Noises and What They Mean in Oro Valley, AZ

The function of a heat pump is to transfer heat from outdoors into your home or from your home to the outdoor space. During normal operation, the heat pump produces a non-distracting buzzing and whirring sound. However, if your heat pump produces any of the three noises below, you should call a professional in Oro Valley, AZ.

1. Louder Buzzing and Whirring

If the heat pump runs on defrost mode or you set the compressor to a higher setting, the heat pump may run louder than normal. It’ll produce the same humming and buzzing sound, but in a way that may distract you. Because the heat pump doesn’t produce heat or cool air, loud noises can indicate that it’s working harder to reach the higher temperature setting in your home’s thermostat.

2. Metallic Banging Noises

Metallic noises coming from your heat pump may be an indication of a problem with the fan. If the fan hits a metallic part in the heat pump, it can lead to more damages. The noises occur when you have a broken fan or some parts are loose and they knock on other parts.

If you hear these noises, shut off the heat pump and contact our heat pump technicians. This’ll help protect the fan from damaging the motor and other components of the heat pump. A professional will identify the problem and fix it.

Gurgling and Grinding

A gurgling noise coming from the heat pump is an indication of low refrigerant levels. The refrigerant in the coils is responsible for the transfer of heat throughout the home. A professional will top up the refrigerant to avoid the gurgling noise.

You can avoid most of these strange noises through routine heat pump maintenance before the start of the heating or cooling season. Call MVP Air Conditioning LLC professionals in Oro Valley, AZ, for heating and cooling services, routine maintenance and other HVAC related services.

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