Ductless cooling systems provide consistent room temperature throughout a space. Both energy efficient and designed to blend with the decor of a room, these convenient systems are indoor devices that are mounted on walls to cool or heat a space to the correct temperature. Here are the following benefits of owning a ductless system in your Tucson, AZ, home.

Energy and Cost Efficiency

Ductless units don’t completely turn off just to start up again. They have a compressor that speeds up or slows down based on the needs of the system. This provides tremendous savings on monthly utility bills. According to ENERGY STAR, purchasing an energy-efficient model will save you up to 30% on costs. You may also qualify for a tax credit if you purchase an ENERGY STAR unit.

Easy Installation

Since ductwork isn’t required, most ductless air conditioning installations can be completed in one day. This avoids having to deal with weeks of inconvenience and disruption with a ducted system. Once the unit is installed, homeowners don’t have to worry about repairing a hole in the walls for ductwork.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Traditional HVAC systems have air ducts that can carry harmful allergens throughout your home. Even with regular maintenance, dust particles remain. Using a ductless unit with a filtration system can significantly reduce the amount of contaminants in your home.

Great for Home Additions

If you are adding a room to your home, you can reduce some of your construction costs by adding a ductless system. You can forgo having to install ductwork to the new addition of your home to save time and money.

Ductless systems are an easy and cost-efficient way to add a cooling and heating system to your home in Tucson, Arizona. For more information on these cost-saving systems, call us at MVP Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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