Transporting refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser, the compressor acts as the muscle of a heat pump system. Operating under pressure, it takes the heat the evaporator extracts from inside your home and moves it outdoors. In a hot desert climate like Tucson, AZ, that’s not an easy job. It’s not unusual for the hard-working motor to falter or fail during the region’s long warm-weather season. Here are three signs that indicate there’s a problem.

Sudden Shut-Off

Critical HVAC components have built-in safety switches that shut them down when something goes wrong. That includes the part that compresses and transfers refrigerant to the condenser. If the compressor in your AC system stops working on a hot day, check the high-pressure limit control. This safety switch keeps the component from overheating. You’ll find it located in the outdoor unit’s access panel. Wait a few minutes for the equipment to cool down before pushing the reset button. However, if you’re not comfortable or familiar with the access panel, please call us for a service visit.

Defective Capacitor

If the motor fails to operate at all, a faulty capacitor might be to blame. An HVAC start capacitor is the part that provides the initial jolt of electricity the system needs to start running. Once the unit gets going, the run capacitor keeps the electricity flowing. It’s not unusual for either electrical component to wear out over time. Fortunately, they’re relatively inexpensive to replace. It’s not a DIY job, however. Trust a qualified HVAC contractor to install a new capacitor safely and efficiently.

Dirt and Debris

Whether it’s the air handler, evaporator or condenser, an accumulation of dirt and debris causes critical HVAC components to fail prematurely. Outdoor components such as compressors are particularly vulnerable. When you consider the cost of replacing the part, it pays to enroll in a professional HVAC maintenance plan.

With regular maintenance and timely repairs, heat pumps can last for many years. Trust the professionals at MVP Heating & Air Conditioning for quality AC repairs you need to secure your comfort. Call us today to schedule service.

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