Heat pumps are perfect for the hot, dry Oro Valley, AZ weather. They deliver cool summer comfort and abundant winter warmth. Heat pumps have a variety of features, but their most compelling advantage is superior energy efficiency.

Variable-Stage Compressors

Unlike yesterday’s single-stage compressors, today’s heat pumps have two-speed and variable-speed compressors. Variable-speed heat pumps precisely adjust heating and cooling output to maintain the desired temperature without constant cycling on and off.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Because they use free heat energy that’s always present in outdoor air, heat pumps warm your home for less. Every unit of electrical energy that’s used to power a heat pump generates three units of heat energy in return. That gives heat pumps an effective efficiency of 300 percent.

Variable-Speed Blowers

Older heat pumps have single-speed blowers that are either on or off. The upshot is jarring temperature shifts and uneven heating and cooling. Variable-speed blowers run longer at lower speeds to deliver a steady output of heated or cooled air. Increased air circulation means more consistent indoor comfort.

Lower HVAC Maintenance Costs

HVAC systems that pair a furnace with a central air conditioner need service every spring and fall. Heat pumps need service every fall, but only if they’re used for heating and cooling. If you use a heat pump for air conditioning or heating but not both, then heat pump service every two years is sufficient.

Cleaner Indoor Air

High concentrations of airborne contaminants are common in today’s tightly-sealed, energy-efficient homes. To address this unhealthy imbalance, the latest heat pumps have advanced air filtration capability. That helps to keep the air you breathe as clean and fresh as possible.

Heat pumps provide greater indoor comfort and lower energy costs. To learn more about the benefits of heat pump installation, call MVP Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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