Turning on your furnace every year often comes with an increase in utility bills. If your furnace has become outdated or inefficient, you’ll have to deal with even higher costs. Look out for these common signs that indicate your furnace is costing you too much money in Oro Valley, AZ.

Frequent Cycles

If your furnace is running constantly to heat the home, it could be suffering from a pilot or burner issue. Watch out for inconsistent temperature control and hot and cold spots. You may notice your heating system is frequently taking a while to heat your home to a comfortable temperature.

The longer your furnace runs, the more wear and tear it experiences. This can increase your HVAC maintenance and repair costs and shorten the system’s lifespan.

Low AFUE Rating

Every residential furnace has an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. Outdated furnaces often have a rating between 60% to 80%, which means they may be wasting up to 40% of their overall energy. Modern heating systems have AFUE ratings of up to an astonishing 98%.

The best way to determine your furnace’s fuel efficiency is to check the manufacturer’s information. Upgrading to a new model can have a significant impact on your utility bills.

Pushes Out Cold Air

When a furnace starts pushing out cold air, it often means the filters are full. The system isn’t receiving enough air, which is causing the heat exchanger to overheat and malfunction. Your furnace may be shutting down the burners to prevent internal damage.

After replacing your filters, it’s best to call for expert service, if you haven’t had recent maintenance. It’s possible your filter was in place so long that it caused damage to exposed components and wiring.

Correct your furnace’s inefficiencies before they take a toll on your energy bills. Contact us at MVP Heating & Air Conditioning for exceptional heating services in Oro Valley, AZ.

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