Your furnace, as with everything in your Tucson, AZ house, will not last forever. Its parts will wear and deteriorate with time, necessitating repairs or perhaps replacement. Here are some symptoms of a faulty furnace blower motor that needs attention from a professional.


Whenever the blower motor overheats, you’ll detect a burning odor. This occurs when your blower motor consumes too much electricity, and the wires begin to burn. Some furnaces will quickly shut off, while others won’t.

This is a major problem since it can start a fire. If you sense a burning odor, turn off your system and contact a furnace technician. Overheating can cause additional harm to your furnace if you fail to act as soon as you notice it.

Loud Operating Sounds

When your blower fails, you may notice strange noises emanating from your vents. You may hear rattling, screaming sounds or screeching noises. These are symptoms of a problem with your blower — most likely the bearings or a sagging belt.

If you detect loud hammering sounds, it means you have a broken component. While simple solutions like lubrication might help to quiet certain noises, some noises indicate that our technicians will need to repair your furnace blower motor or replace it if that’s not possible. It’s advisable to switch off the heating system and call us for help.

High Energy Costs

If the blower motor in your furnace isn’t operating correctly, it will overload and shut down regularly. This implies that the system must keep starting and shutting down in order to keep you comfortable. Both of these tasks consume an excessive amount of power, resulting in increased utility costs for you.

Insufficient or Nonexistent Airflow

The most evident indicator of a malfunctioning blower motor is poor or no airflow. A blocked blower caused by accumulated debris or dust might be causing the issue. You should schedule routine maintenance to identify the problem and determine whether something needs repairing or replacing.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort due to a malfunctioning furnace blower motor. Contact an experienced technician for a professional diagnosis and any necessary heating repairs. Call us at MVP Heating & Air Conditioning now for more details on the heating services we offer our customers in Tucson, AZ.

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