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How UV Lighting Improves Your Tucson Home’s IAQ

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a concern for Tucson homeowners with tightly-sealed, energy-efficient homes. Without enough ventilation, your home’s indoor air can collect disease-causing microbes that threaten the health of your family. An easy and highly effective solution is to install UV lighting.

How Does UV Lighting Work?

There are two different types of UV lights. Air sterilization lights are installed in your return air duct. They purify indoor air as it circulates through your home’s ductwork. Coil sterilization lights are stick-shaped devices positioned inside your return air duct to disinfect the cooling coil.

Why Would Homeowners Need UV Lights?

Air sterilization UV lights reduce pathogens in indoor air. These tiny organisms include viruses, mold and bacteria that make you sick. Family members with compromised immune systems, kids, the elderly and those with respiratory disorders and allergies are most vulnerable to these microbes. Air sterilization lights can benefit these family members by destroying the DNA of airborne pathogens and eliminating their ability to reproduce.

Coil sterilization UV lights kill microbes inside your HVAC system. Pathogens like to grow in the dank atmosphere of the cooling coil. As indoor air passes over the coil, it absorbs those pathogens and distributes them through your living space. Keeping the coil clean helps to keep indoor air clean. The lights also prevent condensate line clogs, improve energy efficiency and reduce obstructions to airflow.

How Effective Are UV Lights?

Researchers agree that UV light is highly effective at removing pathogens from indoor air. A study at Duke University Medical Center found that UV lights removed 97 percent of bacteria from 50 hospital rooms. Penn State researchers are presently investigating the use of UV lights as a maintenance solution for AC cooling coils.

MVP Heating & Air Conditioning can help you breathe easier by improving indoor air quality. Call us at (520) 462-2590 to learn more.

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