Despite your efforts to improve efficiency in your Tucson, Arizona, home, your energy costs haven’t dropped as much as you hoped. Your thermostat’s compatibility with your HVAC system may be the problem. Check to see if your thermostat is compatible with your system. You can improve energy efficiency and preserve your HVAC system.

Why Does Thermostat Compatibility Matter?

You can’t just install any thermostat with any HVAC system and expect your unit to run smoothly. Thermostats are designed to work with specific types of HVAC systems and certain voltage levels. Most hot water systems, heat pumps, and gas or oil furnaces tend to be low-voltage systems. An electric baseboard heater would require a high-voltage thermostat. A thermostat that isn’t compatible with the needs of your system can damage your unit and will run your system inefficiently, resulting in high utility costs and a reduced system lifespan.

How Can You Check Your Thermostat Compatibility?

If you’re concerned that your thermostat may not be compatible with your HVAC system, here are a few actions you can take:

Identify the type of HVAC system you have. Are you getting your warm air from a heat pump or a furnace? While some thermostats can be flexible and work with a range of systems, some thermostats will only work with certain systems.

Check your system’s required voltage. This part may require some research, or a call to our team here at MVP. Many HVAC systems require a relatively standard 24-volt power supply, but some systems require between 110 and 240 volts to run efficiently. If your thermostat isn’t designed to handle your system’s voltage, it could damage the unit.

Find out whether you have a single-stage or multi-stage system. Some thermostats can regulate the speed changes of multi-stage systems, but others can’t. Contact one of our HVAC technicians to see if you have a single- or multi-stage system.

Confirm your thermostat compatibility and you can maximize your HVAC system’s lifespan, cut utility costs, and ensure comfort through the cold. If you need help with checking your compatibility or upgrading your thermostat, call MVP Heating & Air Conditioning at (520) 462-2590.

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