Ozone (O3) or trioxygen is oxygen with one unstable molecule that attaches to pollutants and renders them ineffective. Thus, ozone neutralizes microbial and bacterial contaminants but not without a purification vehicle: ozone air purifiers. Air quality in Foothills, AZ, makes purification imperative. Read on to learn more about what an ozone air purifier is and how it benefits you.

What Is An Ozone Air Purifier?

An ozone purifier uses an electrical charge to convert regular oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3). The air filtration machine creates ozone, then releases it into the air.

The released O3 eliminates bacteria, viruses, smoke, odors, allergens and other contaminants. After eliminating the contaminants, O3 dissipates and leaves behind fresh, clean O2.

How to Use an Ozone Air Purifier?

Although an O3 air purifier removes pollutants and improves IAQ, it releases pollutants. So, it requires a safe operation. Hiring an indoor air quality expert is the best way to ensure proper operation of an O3 air purifier.

If you buy or own an ozone purifier, you’ll need professional advice. When using these purifiers, there are specific guidelines to follow, such as:

  • Humans and pets shouldn’t be in the home during the O3 purifier operation.
  • Ozone must dissipate before reentry (takes at least two to three hours after the machine has stopped).
  • Close doors and windows.
  • Only use the device for a few hours at a time.
  • Avoid contact with any of the machine’s chemicals.
  • Use a fan or AC to improve circulation.

When to Use an Ozone Air Purifier

An ozone purifier is useful if you want to improve your home’s IAQ. But it’s most often used to prevent sickness, remove odors or treat an existing contaminant problem. You can use ozone in your bathrooms or kitchen to remove germs, bacteria and viruses.

For smokers, it also eliminates odors and reduces the effects of secondhand smoke. Moreover, it reduces your chances of developing allergies or respiratory disease. However, ozone can worsen allergies or asthma in current sufferers.

These guidelines can help you navigate ozone purifier usage. However, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Call us at MVP Heating & Air Conditioning for maintenance, repairs and safe ozone purifier operation.

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