Is poor indoor air quality a problem in your Tucson, AZ, home? Dirty ducts can generate contaminated indoor air that’s constantly circulating throughout your home. Duct cleaning should be performed every several years. Ignoring your air ducts can have serious consequences for your health:

Musty Odor

If you smell a foul, musty odor, you could have biological growth on your ducts. Biological growth feeds on dirt, dust, dander and pollen. Air ducts offer the warmth, protection and humidity that biological growth craves. Growth spores are too small to see, but they are blowing into your home whenever your HVAC is running. Breathing airborne them can irritate the nose, throat, lungs, eyes and skin.


Dust collects in your air ducts and dust mites live in dust. These microscopic critters feed on dander and are too small to see. They’re harmless unless you’re allergic. In that case, you may experience watery eyes, congestion, coughing, runny nose, sneezing and inflamed mucous membranes, trachea and bronchi. Long-term exposure to an excessively dusty environment can cause lung infections.

Pest Infestation

Rodents and insects carry disease. They can bite, move into your home and steal your food. Their droppings contain products that can set off allergies and cause breathing problems. They also multiply very rapidly.

Sick Building Syndrome

Dirty ducts can cause sick building syndrome (SBS) and building-related illness (BRI). Because Arizona homes are tightly sealed to prevent energy losses, all manner of airborne toxins can collect and multiply in indoor air. Besides respiratory irritation and allergic reactions, symptoms can include dizziness, fatigue, nausea and concentration deficits. BRI can even accelerate the aging process.

Our goal at MVP Heating & Air Conditioning is to provide your family with a healthy and comfortable living environment. To learn more about how air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality, call us today.

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