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How Can I Know If My Home’s Air Conditioner Is Inefficient?

As your air conditioner ages and experiences wear and tear, you need to stay alert to signs of damage and malfunction. Failure to act upon these warning signs often degrades the AC’s efficiency, decreasing your comfort and increasing your repair costs. Here are a few signs of inefficiency to look out for in your Casa Adobes, AZ, air conditioner.

Clogged or Dirty Air Filters

Air conditioners have air filters that ensure a steady flow of clean air. The air filters also prevent dust, debris and other materials from clogging up the system. Unfortunately, these filters can also get dirty and develop clogs.

If your AC system is running at less than optimal efficiency, you probably need to replace your air filters. Dirty air filters make it harder to pull air through, meaning the system will have to overwork to maintain clean airflow.

Insufficient HVAC Cooling

Inadequate cooling may be due to low refrigerant levels that prevent your air conditioner from cooling sufficiently. This can become an issue during any season but is more likely in the summer months when the AC works more frequently. Have a professional conduct an expert diagnosis and make AC repairs to restore normal cooling functions.

Thermostat Sensor Issues

Issues with your thermostat could cause the air conditioner to adjust the heating and cooling incorrectly. As a result, you won’t get the temperature you desire from the normal settings.

Unusually High Energy Bills

An unexpected spike in your electricity bill is usually a sign that your air conditioner is malfunctioning. It’s a clear sign that you should have a professional inspect your AC system to diagnose the issue.

Experts recommend regular inspection and maintenance to help you stay ahead of possible signs of AC damage. Call us at MVP Heating & Air Conditioning for your HVAC repair and maintenance needs. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in home air conditioning to ensure your comfort and your system’s efficiency.

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