Spring comes with a gradual rise in the outdoor temperatures. As the weather becomes warmer, it’s time to adjust your HVAC system from heating to cooling. Here are the top tips for getting your HVAC system ready for spring in Casa Adobes, AZ.

Replace the Filters

The air filters are vital for eliminating pollutants and allergens in the indoor atmosphere. Dirt accumulation gradually clogs your HVAC’s air filters. Subsequently, debris buildup exposes you to the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory infections.

Changing the air filters ensures that you inhale healthy air. Additionally, filter replacement enhances your HVAC’s efficiency.

Clean the Air Ducts

During winter, the ductwork system gradually accumulates leaves, dust, pet dander, debris, and dust. Continued accumulation of these items causes your HVAC to strain hard while regulating the indoor air.

Cleaning the air ducts will come in handy to boost the overall HVAC efficiency. Clean ductwork also provides you the much-needed indoor comfort.

Inspect for Leaks

Leaks and cracks within the HVAC system hinder airflow. Moreover, these cracks minimize the HVAC energy efficiency. Therefore, you might experience an upsurge in energy bills.

The leakage of harmful gases poses hazardous damage to your health. These gases include carbon monoxide, which leads to death upon inhaling.

Organize Preventive Maintenance

Routine maintenance points out any underlying problems within the HVAC unit. An HVAC specialist will help to avert these issues before excessive damage occurs.

Proper HVAC maintenance ensures smooth and efficient running. Maintenance, to a huge extent, enhances the life expectancy of your air conditioning system. It’s best to invest in an HVAC maintenance plan to ensure your unit remains in great shape all year.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a necessity for every household. Wi-Fi thermostats allow remote control via a smartphone or computer. You can adjust your home’s indoor temperature, even when you’re away.

Most importantly, open the windows and doors to bring in the fresh air. Contact our team at MVP Heating and Air Conditioning for expert HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services.

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