Hard-working Tucson air conditioners need regular maintenance to perform optimally. Here’s how to get the best possible return on this high-end investment:

Schedule Air Conditioning Services Every Spring

Industry studies have long confirmed that seasonal air conditioning services are the key to cost-effective AC performance. Energy efficiency, system operation, indoor comfort and equipment longevity are all affected by AC maintenance. Regular tune-ups can reduce equipment breakdowns, AC repairs and system replacements by up to 95 percent. Preventive maintenance can even reduce operating expenses by up to 40 percent.

Replace AC Air Filters Every 30 to 90 Days

Running an air conditioner with a clogged filter can, over time, destroy your system and send it to an early grave. Grimy filters can make utility bills spike, and the contaminants those filters collect can invade your living space. Dirt that gets into your air conditioner can impede performance. It can make your AC work double-duty just to push cold air through the muck.

Check the Outdoor Unit Monthly

Your AC’s outdoor unit should be cleaned every month with a gentle water rinse from a garden hose and wiped dry. Foliage should be trimmed back by at least three feet. The area should be cleared of sticks, leaves and other debris that could restrict airflow.

Have Ducts Cleaned and Sealed Every Few Years

Ducts can get clogged with grunge just like AC air filters. Over time, dirty buildup in ductwork can obstruct airflow and make your air conditioner overwork. Meanwhile, leaky ducts can allow up to 30 percent of chilled air to be lost. That costs you money and subjects your air conditioner to more unnecessary work.

AC maintenance plans from MVP Heating & Air Conditioning can keep your Tucson, Arizona, home cool and your summer energy costs low. Call us at (520) 462-2590 to learn more.

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