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heat pump mistakes

Don’t Make Any of These 4 Heat Pump Mistakes in Oro Valley, AZ

Heat pumps are among the most used heating systems in areas experiencing mild temperatures in winter. Unfortunately, some mistakes that you make affect the efficiency of the heat pump. Here, we provide four heat pump mistakes to avoid in your Oro Valley, AZ, home.

1. Programming Your Thermostat Too High

Understand that setting your thermostat too high makes your heat pump work for a long time to raise indoor temperatures. So, your heating system consumes more energy and increases your monthly energy bills. Running long cycles also increases your heat pump’s vulnerability to breakdown and failure.

2. Adjusting the Temperature Settings Frequently

Once you set the temperature settings on your thermostat, allow the heat pump to run at the temperature for some time. Your heat pump might take a while to adjust to the new room temperature settings.

Therefore, allowing your heating system to settle on a particular temperature setting is advisable before changing to a new temperature. Alternatively, you can use a smart thermostat that’ll control the temperatures on your behalf.

3. Running Your Heat Pump on AUTO Mode

When a heat pump operates on AUTO mode, it switches back and forth from heating to cooling. In the long run, the heat pump will consume more energy than it should. Ensure your heat pump is set to HEAT during cold months and COOL in the warm summer.

4. Poor Maintenance Practices

Your HVAC technician can recommend a maintenance schedule for your heat pump to maintain efficiency. Follow the maintenance plan to save you unwanted repairs and replacements. Routine maintenance improves your heat pump’s efficiency and prolongs its lifecycle.

We provide you with quality AC installation, repair and maintenance services in Oro Valley, AZ. Get in touch with MVP Air Conditioning LLC for your heat pump services today.

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