SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency rating, is a special standard that can tell you how energy-efficient a specific air conditioning system is in comparison to another one. The actual calculation for determining the SEER is rather complicated, and, thankfully, the stressful computations are already done. Here’s what should you know about SEER ratings before you make your next AC system purchase in Tucson.

Compare Energy Efficiency

All AC systems sold in the United States today have a SEER that ranges between 13 and 21. A higher number means that the system is more energy-efficient. In order to receive the ENERGY STAR certification, the SEER must be 14 or higher.

While SEER can give you an indication of energy efficiency, certain factors in your home can also play a role. These include seals on doors and windows, insulation and more.

Save Money

As you compare the AC systems in greater detail, you may quickly discover that more energy-efficient systems have a higher price tag. You understandably want to get the most value for your dollar, however. Comparing both the price and the SEER together will help you to find the most energy-efficient option that is in your price range.

Improve Your Comfort

In many cases, AC systems with a superior SEER have special features, such as multi-stage cooling and more. With multi-stage cooling, the system will stay on for longer periods of time. This can be particularly beneficial in areas with high humidity levels because the AC system will mitigate humidity, improve indoor air quality and enhance comfort.

At MVP Air Conditioning LLC, we provide turnkey AC installation services. We can help you select a system that is well-suited for your home’s needs and your budget. To schedule a consultation or to book an AC installation service in Tucson, contact MVP Air Conditioning LLC today.

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