New furnaces have a variety of exciting new features. Ironclad reliability and a full warranty alone can put to rest any worries about heating breakdowns. Here are some important elements to consider before you make your purchase:

1. High-Efficiency Operation

If you want long-term energy savings, get the most efficient furnace you can afford. Balance your installation costs against your monthly energy savings. The more efficient the furnace, the less fuel you’ll need and the more money you’ll save.

Even a lower-priced unit will far exceed the efficiency of your existing unit. Furnace efficiency is determined by the unit’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the unit.

2. Single-Stage, Multi-Stage and Modulating Furnaces

Single-stage furnaces operate at one speed only. They cycle on, satisfy the thermostat setting and power off. They are the least efficient among furnaces, and the warmth they deliver can vary significantly from one room to another.

Dual-stage furnaces operate at either high speed or low speed, depending on how much heat is needed. These units are more efficient than single-stage furnaces but not nearly as efficient as modulating furnaces.

Modulating furnaces operate somewhere between zero and 100 percent. These high-efficiency units don’t waste energy cycling on and off. Instead, their long, slow running times allow them to deliver precisely the degree of heating output to keep indoor temperatures consistent.

3. Single-Speed, Multi-Speed and Variable-Speed Blowers

Blowers push heated air through the system. Single-speed blowers have one speed, multi-speed units have three speeds, and variable-speed units run almost constantly, making incremental adjustments as needed.

4. Discounts, Credits, Rebates and Incentives

High-efficiency furnaces qualify for local utility company incentives and federal tax credits. Some HVAC contractors offer manufacturer’s rebates. These savings can reduce furnace installation costs significantly.

5. Experienced Heating Installation

A high-efficiency furnace will be useless if it’s improperly installed. Ensure that your HVAC contractor performs a full Manual J load calculation prior to installation.

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