The Department of Energy endorses changing/cleaning your filters in Sahuarita, NV every one to two months. Fortunately, this is something you can do on your own, meaning you don’t have to pay for labor. Here are three reasons why changing your system’s air filter is crucial.

1. Improve Energy Efficiency

Your system uses energy to keep your home comfortable and indoor air clean and healthy. When your filters are dirty and clogged, your system struggles to meet these requirements.

As a result, it works for longer hours, leading to more energy consumption. By regularly changing the air filters, you improve your system efficiency, saving you money on monthly electricity bills. According to the Energy Department, you might reduce your energy consumption by up to 15% when you change your filters.

2. Reduced Emergency Repairs

In addition to working for long hours, clogged/dirty filters restrict airflow, forcing your system components to work harder than they normally would. As a result, HVAC parts wear out fast, necessitating frequent repairs.

Eventually, you’ll realize that you’re spending too much money for repairs and replacements. By changing the filters, you warrant sufficient airflow and optimal system efficiency, which will directly result in few repairs.

3. Extend System Lifespan

Clogged and dirty filters cause system components such as the compressor and motor blower to wear out faster than they ought to. And as time goes by, more HVAC parts demand replacements.

Eventually, replacing the entire system becomes the only cost-effective solution. If you want to get value for the money you spend, experts recommend regular filter cleaning/replacement.

Even with regular filter replacements, you can’t fully escape system repairs. And when the time comes, you might need to install a new system.

Since 2020, we’ve been offering HVAC services to residents in and around Sahuarita, NV. Contact MVP Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule HVAC repairs and installation.

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