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3 Best Spots for Thermostat Location in Your Tucson, AZ Home

Since a thermostat measures the temperature in your Tucson, AZ home and signals your HVAC system based on that, selecting the right spot for it is vital. Placing it in the wrong location can make your HVAC system run too much or not enough. Follow this advice to choose the best thermostat location within your home.

The Center of Your Home

The closer you get to the middle of your home, the more representative the temperature will be. Other areas might have different temperatures, whether it’s due to heat transfer from windows, room occupants or heat-generating appliances. Placing the thermostat on a wall close to the center of your home will help it get a more accurate idea of what the overall temperature inside actually is.

Similarly, place the thermostat on an interior wall, not one that’s on the outer edge of your home. When it gets blistering hot in the summer, the exterior walls of your home can get warm. Placing it in the middle of your home on an interior wall lets it capture a more accurate reading of temperatures in your home.

Away From Heat-Producing Items

When choosing a spot for your thermostat, select a site away from heat-producing items. This usually makes the kitchen a poor choice because the stove, dishwasher and other appliances produce heat. Additionally, you will want to avoid placing it near furnace vents and registers as those areas are usually hotter or cooler than the rest of your home.

An Area With Airflow

The thermostat should be in a place where the air flows around it freely, which allows it to capture an accurate reading. You should not place the thermostat in a closed area or other area with little airflow. Since hot air rises and cool air falls, the best place is between 52 and 60 inches above the floor.

Consult us at MVP Heating & Air Conditioning about the best place to put the thermostat for a new air conditioner in your Tucson, AZ home. Book your appointment now so that you can stay comfortable in your home.

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