A heat pump is one of the major alternatives to the traditional central HVAC system. Homeowners in Tucson, AZ may not have the same kind of understanding of their abilities and advantages as they do of other indoor comfort solutions. Keep reading to learn more about a heat pump’s benefits.

1. Heating and Cooling All in One

The name “heat pump” is somewhat deceptive because these devices have both a heating mode and a cooling mode. Where classic HVAC systems have separate units dedicated to heating and cooling, heat pumps can perform both operations.

Both the heat pump’s heating and cooling modes work according to the same general principle. Circulating gaseous and liquid refrigerant through its internal workings, a heat pump can either pull heat from indoor air to cool your home or from outdoor air to warm it. This means you don’t need to worry about keeping up with maintenance for two separate systems.

2. Efficiency

Because heat pumps combine heating and cooling into the same system using electricity to do so, they also are more efficient than gas or oil furnaces. Using less energy means that heat pumps can often reduce your utility bills while keeping your home at the same temperatures you’d have with separate ACs and furnaces.

3. Safety

Heat pumps’ reliance on electricity also makes them safer overall than traditional options. While you should still be on the lookout for unusual sounds or smells, heat pumps let you avoid many of the pitfalls of combustion furnaces.

If you think a heat pump is the right solution for your home, we’re here to help. Call MVP Heating & Air Conditioning, and let us install a heat pump for your home in Tucson, AZ.

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