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Trane Air Conditioning

Trane Air Conditioning in Tucson

Trane is a manufacturer with a long history in the HVAC industry, beginning more than 100 years ago. Rather than follow suit with other big name products, they are always looking for ways to improve on the best products to find new ways to improve the comfort of homeowners. The Climatuff® compressor, Spine Fin™ coil, Hyperion™ air handler, and Trane CleanEffects™ are just a few of their patented innovations that have exceeded industry standards. By putting products through extreme testing conditions before making them available to the public, the tagline “It’s hard to stop a Trane” is built on truth.

Trane Air Conditioning

Battling the Tucson summer heat is can be downright dangerous without a reliable air conditioner providing indoor comfort. Trane offers a variety of central air conditioners that evenly distribute cool air throughout the home for many years after the initial installation. If you have a smaller home or do not find it financially accommodating to install a more complex cooling solution, a mini-split ductless system is the perfect solution. These units are conveniently designed to mount to the wall or ceiling to improve comfort with the benefit of quiet operation.
Trane Heating Whether your home uses electric or gas appliances, Trane has the perfect long-term heating solution. Gas furnaces are by far the most popular residential product because they are reliable and efficient. There is a variation on this product for homeowners that prefer to use oil fuel instead of natural gas, but the benefits are very similar. The heat pump systems use a combination or an indoor and outdoor unit to circulate and release heat into the home as needed. If you have added a room onto the home and do not want to take on the expense of extending ductwork, a single-room heater is a great solution. The mini-split heaters are also a smart solution if you don’t need to heat multiple rooms at one time.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality could be contributing to illnesses and allergy attacks caused by the trapped contaminants. Without a proper filtration system, any dust, pet dander, pollen, lint, smoke, and other pollutants stay trapped in the one place that you rely on for comfort. The Trane CleanEffects™ system targets these tiny particles and removes them to maintain clean air that is safe to breathe. Contaminants regularly circulate through the ducts, so the removal begins in the pre-filter that grabs any large particles. Smaller ones pass through a series of charged corona fields where they are collected, leaving the tiniest particles to be removed through the final collection elements.
Preventative Maintenance You deserve to feel confident in the performance of your climate control appliances throughout each season. The best way to protect any Trane heating and cooling system is with proper maintenance before the seasons are change. A professional safety inspection and cleaning of the intricate components helps to spot the early warning signs of a problem before they become more serious. It helps avoid the need for expensive repairs that can occur without warning if you wait until an issue is arises.


The Trane heating and cooling products with the highest efficiency ratings will be labeled with the Energy Star logo for easy identification. All products that receive this rating have a strict minimum SEER of 14.5, 12 EER, or 8.2 HSPF as required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Using efficient heating and cooling equipment reduces pollution, conserves energy, and can help you save money on your monthly utility bills.

An additional benefit of installing a new Trane HVAC system is the potential federal tax credit available for qualifying products. Since Trane appliances are built with high energy-efficiency ratings, there is a good chance that your new system will qualify.


Trane dealers offers their own warranty on new products that you choose for your residence as long as they are registered within 60 days of the installation. It’s a good idea to find out about the warranty terms that the product falls into so that your investment is protected. MVP offers a 10 year warranty on systems we install to cover parts and labor, regardless of the terms offered by the individual manufacturer.

Get the most from your new Trane air conditioner by having it installed by the professionals at MVP air conditioning. We are experts in the HVAC industry, with more than 40 years of experience servicing the homes just like yours. Give us a call at (520) 990-6129 so that we can help you select an exceptional Trane product that will keep you comfortable all year long. Or fill out the form and schedule an appointment today.

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