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Rheem Air Conditioning And Heating

Rheem Air Conditioning

Rheem air conditioning and heating has evolved to offer a full product line that includes air conditioners, gas furnaces, humidifiers, and heat pumps.Rheem is a large manufacturer of residential heating and cooling systems that has been working within the industry since 1925. The Rheem brothers started out manufacturing steel drums, then shifted their focus to hot water heaters, and eventually started creating heat pumps in the 1970s. Although their direction has changed quite a bit throughout the years, the brothers have been in business, heating equipment has always been one of the main focus areas.

Rheem Air Conditioning

When it gets really hot outside, most homeowners don’t want to put too much thought into how their home is cooled. You want to have a reliable air conditioner that does the job efficiently without any hassle. Choosing a high-quality Rheem air conditioner is a guarantee of exceptional comfort for many years, even up against the dry Tucson heat. Look at the SEER rating to understand the efficiency of any air conditioner, and remember that a higher initial investment often pays off in lower utility bills. These products are also divided into the Prestige, Classic, and Value series for an easy selection of solutions that suit your need and budget.

Rheem Heating

One of the first home heating products offered was the Rheem heat pump solution. Single stage, two-stage, and three-stage heat pumps remain a popular option because they are reliable throughout many years of constant use in the winter months. If you are looking for a low profile, high-efficiency Rheem gas furnace, they are divided into series product lines.The Prestige is the top-tier equipment that has multiple stage heating functions and enhanced communication systems. The middle of the road is the Classis series with slightly less efficiency, but some products still have some of the advanced features. A Value series Rheem furnace is limited to the single-stage motor so the initial investment suits a smaller budget.

Indoor Air Quality

The health of your family may be compromised from the unseen culprits living in your indoor air. Making an effort to conserve energy by sealing the home makes it easier for contaminants to get trapped and circulate when the HVAC system is in use. Pollutants that build up inside of the home include pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, and other irritants that can trigger allergies and respiratory ailments without warning. Rheem offers a filtration solution that makes the home cleaner and more comfortable by removing the contaminants you can’t see. The Whole House Exact Fit Media Air Cleaner is a discreet addition that pairs great with existing Rheem HVAC equipment for a complete comfort solution.

Annual Maintenance

To ensure that the investment you make it a new Rheem heating or cooling system is going to last, preventative maintenance is the way to go. Rheem dealers recommend going through the maintenance process once a year, before you expect to begin using the equipment regularly. This is a smart way to avoid experiencing poor performance from your equipment or needing an expensive emergency repair on short notice.


The EPA set a standard for efficient products that have a low impact on our environment by conserving energy consumption. Every single Rheem product that features the ENERGY STAR label is going to meet or exceed the specified equipment standards so you know you’re doing your part to help the environment. Any efficient Rheem air conditioner or heating appliance could provide up to 40% savings on the amount of consumed energy.

Your new equipment might also be eligible for a local or federal tax credit if it falls within a high-efficiency rating. This will offset part of the expense to make the investment in a top-tier product more affordable.


Registering a new Rheem heating and cooling product provides added benefits, such as extended coverage if there is a malfunction. Always find out about the warranty offered by the manufacturer, and take advantage of the additional coverage provided by MVP Air Conditioning. We stand by our products with a 10 year parts and labor warranty on all systems we install.

Always trust the professionals at MVP Air Conditioning to help you choose the best residential HVAC solution. Rheem products are high-quality and provide years of exceptional performance if with regular maintenance. Don’t hesitate to call one us at (520) 990-6129 if you are due for a replacement, repair, or you are simply curious to learn about Rheem heating and cooling systems.

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