LG Air Conditioning


LG Air Conditioning

Any product that carries the LG brand name comes from a manufacturer that truly caters to the consumer. LG air conditioning units are innovative, stylish, and very versatile to easily meet all types of residential needs. There are plenty of cost-effective options that help cool rooms that are not connected to the existing duct work. Also, LG ductless air conditioners are a smart way to save energy regulating the temperature in an apartment or single-occupancy residence if you do not want to invest in a more elaborate cooling unit.

Portable Air Conditioners

If you have converted an attic or garage into a bedroom, a portable air conditioner is an inexpensive way to increase comfort. It works with the air already in the room rather than requiring a window or wall opening to pull in new air. Most LG portable air conditioners are easy to set up and can move from room to room as needed. A built-in de-humidification function removes musty odors and dampness to improve the overall comfort level in the room.

Window Air Conditioners

Pulling in air through a window unit is a reliable solution for single-room climate control. LG offers models that include a heat function as well to accommodate use in the cooler months. Installation is easy and it doesn’t take more than an hour to get everything ready to run. High-quality models feature an adjustable thermostat, remote control, and multiple speed settings to get the temperature exactly where you want it.

Wall Air Conditioners

Not all rooms have windows that can accommodate an entire air conditioning unit, but installing a “through the wall” cooling appliance is a fairly simple project. It’s common to experience air leaks when trying to install a window unit into a space that does not quite fit. Fortunately, LG wall air conditioners fit securely to prevent unwanted outside air, bugs, and weather from entering the room.

Multi-Zone Units

LG heat pumps push climate controlled air into multiple rooms with ductless and ducted systems. There are very stylish wall options as well as more discreet styles that are easy to conceal in the ceiling. Each indoor unit operates independently to allow you full control of the temperature in specific rooms as needed.

Indoor Air Quality

Excess humidity is a major problem with indoor air quality because it can lead to dampness. This not only decreases the overall level of comfort, it creates a condition that allows mold, viruses, and mildew to thrive. Maintaining a healthy balance of humidity is always necessary, and the air conditioner should help considerably. Look for an LG air conditioner that features humidity control so that your indoor environment is not too damp or too dry.

Personal and Professional Maintenance

Even though LG air conditioners do not cool through an elaborate duct system, there is no reason to skip out on the yearly tune-up. Allowing dust and debris to build up in any unit is going to speed up the rate of deterioration and wear. A few steps that you can take care of yourself between professional visits include filter cleaning, unclogging the evaporator and condenser coils, and cleaning the exterior casing. You should have a professional technician visit your home at least once a year to inspect the internal components of the air conditioner and look for malfunctions or damage.


Anytime you invest in brand new equipment, you need to immediately visit the manufacturer’s site to register the product. This is going to simplify the warranty process if there is a problem covered by the policy. Portable, window, and wall air conditioners usually have parts and labor coverage between 1 and 5 years. If MVP Air Conditioning performed the installation, you might also have additional coverage provided by the company if your product qualifies.

Tax Incentives

Qualifying new products could make you eligible for additional savings in the form of tax credits. These incentives are provided to homeowners that install energy efficient equipment to help offset a portion of the investment.

If you are interested in choosing a high-quality LG air conditioner for your home, our technicians will offer many solutions to help you discover the perfect product. Each recommendation that we provide is based on the size of the area that you are cooling, as well as implementing the advantages of energy-efficiency. Call 520-990-6129 to set up an appointment with one of our licensed and insured professionals. The technician will be there to perform a professional installation and educate you about the new products in your home.

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