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Goodman Air Conditioners in Tucson

Goodman Air Conditioners

Founder Harold Goodman started out working as a contractor in the HVAC business in Houston, Texas back in the mid-1950s. During the 1970s, Goodman started a manufacturing company that built flexible air ducts and plastic blade registers before moving into air conditioning systems. His vision and drive was to provide high-quality HVAC equipment that would solve many design problems that contractors would face with other brands. Goodman air conditioners and furnaces are known for high-quality, low cost, and the utilization of components featuring a remarkably low failure rate.

Goodman Air Conditioners

Cooling a home in the middle of a Tucson summer can get very expensive, especially if you have older equipment that has to work twice as hard. The Goodman brand implements a combination of durability, energy-efficient cooling, and product affordability to give homeowners a complete solution. Keep in mind the SEER/EER rating when choosing a product to ensure that you are getting the latest and most efficient air conditioning system on the market. Goodman also uses Chlorine-free R-410 refrigerant in the cooling systems to reduce wear that would decrease durability in equipment that relies on outdated R-22 refrigerant.

Goodman Heating

Among the appliances providing comfort from the freezing winter weather are Goodman furnaces, heat pumps, and smaller ductless systems. The furnaces are powered by natural gas and feature a multi-speed system that allows the system to gradually build up to the right temperature. Single-speed furnaces usually turn on at full speed and blow out cold air before the heat can generate. The Goodman heat pumps are more of an all season appliance because they feature both heat and cooling settings in one system. High-quality internal components and a sturdy casing damper the noise and offer exceptional durability for many years of climate control.

Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality should be a priority because the pollution that we cannot see is often the most dangerous. A home could contain high levels of radon, mold, allergens, and other germs that lead to illnesses and upper respiratory complications. One of the most current projects that Goodman is working on involves improved indoor air quality through the existing HVAC system. The Clean Comfort™ Indoor Air Essentials product lineup includes humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation solutions, air cleaners, and purifiers that are compatible with Goodman equipment.


Most high-efficiency Goodman air conditioning systems and heating solutions are compatible with the ComfortNet Communicating Control. It allows you the freedom to program your schedule to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, or you could operate your equipment from the smart phone application. If there is ever an issue with internal components, the monitoring system will trigger a sensor to indicate the exact problem. These are only a few benefits of using this revolutionary system to stay in control of your energy use and indoor comfort.

Reducing Environmental Impact

All new products that carry the Goodman label use R-410A refrigerant because it does not deplete the ozone with harsh chemicals. Some units are also built with conservative SmartCoil® 5mm copper tubing instead of the standard 3/8’s inch tubing that wastes refrigerant. It is important to Goodman to continue making environmentally-friendly improvements to protect our planet whenever possible.

Annual Maintenance

Protect the financial investment that you make in any new HVAC equipment by trusting an MPV contractor to perform regular maintenance and tune-ups. If you have a Goodman gas furnace, a safety inspection is absolutely necessary before the cold season begins each year to ensure that there are no dangerous malfunctions or leaks. Maintenance and early repairs will help your system continue running efficiently for many years from the installation date.


Always register any new equipment with Goodman so that you have the added protection of warranty coverage. If there is a malfunctioning component or other eligible issue, a Goodman service representative can provide a replacement without any hassle. An additional benefit of choosing MVP Air Conditioning for your full system installation is the opportunity to take advantage of their own 10 year warranty on qualifying systems.

Rebates and Incentives

There may be money-saving opportunities that you are eligible to take advantage of if you purchase certain Goodman heating and cooling products. The U.S. Department of Energy offers these incentives to encourage homeowners to select equipment that is safer for our environment. Since Goodman holds their products to such a high standard, there is a good chance that your new equipment will qualify for a tax credit.

MVP Air Conditioning can help you find a great Goodman product that will serve your family the best. Requesting an appointment is as simple as completing the contact form or calling us at 520-990-6129.

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