Coleman Air Conditioner Systems

Coleman Air Conditioner

The Coleman history dates back to the early 1900s, with their first HVAC products being introduced in 1958. Building on early success with residential heating and cooling equipment, the brand has become highly recognized for outstanding performance, dependability, and efficiency regarding their entire product line.

Coleman Air Conditioners

Extensive product testing and innovative ideas have driven the Coleman brand of air conditioners into an exceptional level of success. A split system air conditioner cools exclusively with R-410A refrigerant to decrease the negative environmental impact of harsh chemicals. ENERGY STAR Coleman air conditioner models exceed the minimum SEER rating so that you can feel comfortable without paying a lot of money.

Coleman Heaters

An extensive line of high-performance heating equipment is sure to keep your home warm and toasty in the most extreme temperatures. Gas furnaces are popular because they feature different options, like the WhisperDrive comfort system in the Echelon series that significantly cuts down on noise. The mid-range furnaces are by no means noisy either, and they offer high-efficiency warmth from a compact size. All Coleman heat pumps are built to comply with ENERGY STAR regulations so that they reduce the cost of utility bills each month after installation.

Ductless Products

Mini-split heat pumps and air conditioning systems provide exactly what you need where it is needed the most. You can heat or cool a single room effortlessly, or implement a multi-zone solution in more than one room. Variable fan speeds make it easy to control the temperature and noise level, and there are no alarming stops and starts while the unit is operating. Since there are no ducts needed, installation and repairs are very simple and you can basically move the system to other rooms as needed.

Indoor Air Quality

Coleman features one of the most extensive product lines for ensuring that your indoor air is exceptionally clean and safe. Ventilator systems cycle in fresh outdoor air while removing the stale indoor air without requiring you to open the doors or windows. The line of air cleaners are installed as a component of the existing HVAC system to remove contaminants throughout the house. Microorganisms are targeted with the help of ultraviolet irradiation systems that mount directly to the cooling coils. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can also be implemented into the HVAC system to help you maintain a safe level of moisture in the air.

Saving Energy

It’s no secret that heating and cooling the home is one of the largest contributors to high utility bills throughout the year. Coleman systems are built to run with maximum efficiency so that you can benefit from lower operational cost. The EPA attaches an ENERGY STAR label to help you easily identify all HVAC products that meet the guidelines for conservation. You can also look to the SEER, EER, HSPF, or AFUE rating to understand more about the benefits of choosing certain products. A higher rating is going to translate into higher efficiency than models with a smaller number.

It’s also worth mentioning that every home should be professionally measured and properly fitted to the right HVAC system. Simply selecting higher BTUs does not guarantee that your comfort level is going to be greater, and you are actually wasting resources running a unit that is too large for the space.

Annual Maintenance

Coleman products are rugged and dependable, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the long-term needs of your equipment. A professional tune-up once a year is going to help the heater or air conditioner maintain efficiency like the first day of installation. It’s also necessary to go through a safety inspection if you are using natural gas power because leaks are often undetectable otherwise. You can always expect a thorough job when an MVP Air Conditioning technician is performing any maintenance or repairs to your home equipment.


The basic warranty coverage is attached to every new product purchase for the first few years after installation. This protects you if there is a malfunction that has caused damage to the system or one of the internal components is defective. If you decide to purchase the Coleman Performance Promise Protection Plan, you have even greater coverage to extend the warranty for a maximum of ten years. There are plenty of benefits to choosing this additional coverage, and some new installations also qualify for a special MVP Air Conditioning warranty.

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