Amana Air Conditioner and Heating Systems

Amana Air Conditioner

The Amana brand has become synonymous with providing great appliances at a reasonable price because this was the driving force of the company. More than 70 years ago, the brand was founded by George Foerstner who wanted to create a reliable beverage cooler. This started building success with the manufacturing of popular residential refrigeration units, freezers, and eventually HVAC equipment. Amanda has been a powerhouse in the industry for many years and stands to continue the legacy of making appliances that are built to last.

Amana Air Conditioning

The company is known for air conditioning systems more than any other residential appliance. Each new unit is manufactured to exceed current energy efficiency standards and implement the latest cooling technology. High-quality materials, such as the high-gauge galvanized steel enclosure, contribute to noise control and long-term durability of every single Amana air conditioner. Most models are compatible with the ComfortNet communication system that is very beneficial for diagnosing problems and controlling indoor temperature. Amana units use special inverter technology that reduces the speed and power of the compressor to conserve energy while providing the most consistent and comfortable temperature.

Amana Heating

Gas furnaces and heat pumps are popular solutions that homeowners rely on for raising the indoor temperature when things get chilly outside. The heat pump system uses electricity to transfer outdoor air into the home to provide warmth through air supply ducts. This is a great solution for heating multiple rooms at one time with the benefit of very minimal indoor noise. Furnaces that use natural gas as an energy source are usually more efficient, with at least 80% AFUE rating in the lower-end models. Wall-mount solutions are easy to install if you need to control the temperature in a single room that is not connected to the existing ductwork.

Indoor Air Quality

Comfort in the home is more than just controlling the temperature with climate control appliances. Amana plans to introduce new indoor air quality systems to go along with the existing HVAC appliances to give homeowners a total solution. Indoor air is contaminated with different pollutants that we cannot visibly detect, but they often cause respiratory issues and illnesses. The new products are going to help purify the air through an elaborate filtration system that also controls humidity.

Preventative Maintenance

Think of your HVAC system the same way as your vehicle when it comes to making sure that you have it tuned up regularly. It’s common knowledge that waiting until there is a problem means paying a lot more for repairs, especially if the damage could’ve been prevented with early diagnosis. If you use gas to power your heating equipment, you need to always go through a full safety inspection after it has been off for a few months. MVP also offers maintenance and tune-ups on heat pumps, air conditioners, and other HVAC components to ensure that your home is ready to stand up against the temperatures through another season.


All Amana heating and air conditioning products are built with the intent to reduce environmental impact. The EPA has set strict guidelines to help homeowners choose efficient products by providing a clear ENERGY STAR label on models that meet their standards. A high SEER/EER rating is going to help you understand which products provide the most benefit, and you should always have a technician measure your space to help you find the most suitable product. Also, if you choose a product that is compatible with ComfortNet, it is easy to conserve energy by letting the HVAC system rest during long periods when the home is empty.


Choosing a new Amana brand HVAC product guarantees a Limited Lifetime Warranty to protect the long-term investment. This means that if the heat exchanger or compressor malfunction, the company will offer a comparable replacement at no expense to you. In addition to this warranty coverage, MVP Air Conditioning stands behind the products that they install with a 10 year parts and labor warranty of their own.

All of your home HVAC needs can be fully taken care of with the extensive product line offered by Amana. Replace an old furnace, air conditioner,  or heat pump with a new system that will provide many years of effortless indoor climate control to you and your family. MVP Air Conditioning always offers a professional recommendation along with exceptional installation so that all you have to do is sit back and relax. Request an appointment by calling 520-990-6129 so that we can help you achieve the level of comfort you deserve.

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