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Furnace Repair

Furnaces are a heating staple in most residences because they’re so reliable and easy to care for long-term. Each year new models come out with improved energy efficiency and additional features to effortlessly keep the home comfortable throughout the chilly season. Maintenance is a very important part of the upkeep, but every homeowner should also focus on yearly inspections to prevent a major breakdown if there is a needed furnace repair. Some problems do not show a clear indication before there is considerable damage, so preventive care is always the smartest solution.

Residential Furnace Care

It’s common sense that when any household appliance is maintained, it’s going to continue working to the highest potential. Furnace efficiency throughout the time that it is used within a residence has a direct link to how often and well it is provided with care. Professional furnace repair service is really important when it comes to finding some issues that the untrained homeowner wouldn’t recognize. However, there are a few ways that you can help out in between annual tune-ups. Make sure that all air filters are changed or cleaned on a regular schedule, typically once a month on a certain date. Routinely vacuum in and around the furnace to cut down on the amount of debris buildup that could cause the equipment to overwork. These simple actions might be enough to keep you from running into unexpected problems in the middle of a cold night.

Common Issues

If you let your furnace go for longer than a year without maintenance, there is a good chance that you will experience inefficient performance. This leads to problems with internal components that will eventually require a repair or replacement part. A technician can identify common issues like belt wear or an improperly functioning fan motor very easily. Problems that you might notice on your own might include periods of improper heating or a hesitation to start running when switched on. These issues are a clear indication that heater repair is needed to correct an issue with the ignition control or a thermostat malfunction.

Basic Troubleshooting

Signs of a problem are going to lead you to believe that you are in need of a furnace repair to get the heater back on track. Almost every problem with this type of equipment needs to be handled by a professional, if only for safety reasons.

However, there are a few basic troubleshooting steps that you can try before you go to the trouble of requesting a visit from your trusted technician. Start by checking that your unit is on the heat setting and that the thermostat is set higher than the indoor temperature. If the furnace isn’t heating properly, inspect the filter for visible debris that could be causing the heater to struggle. While you are looking inside the unit, double check that the pilot light is still showing a flame. These easy steps might not fix the problem, but it will keep you from making an unnecessary call if the issue is simple.

Professional Maintenance

A licensed HVAC professional should visit your home once a year for professional heater service, even if the appliance isn’t very old. The comfort of your family depends on knowing that your system is operating efficiently and ready to raise the temperature as needed. A technician is going to thoroughly clean and examine every component on the inside and outside of your furnace to look for signs of damage. They will also conduct a routine safety test to ensure that toxic chemicals are not leaking into the air inside the home. If any damage is suspected during the examination, the technician is going to advise a timely repair to cut down on the risk of it progressing into a more severe issue.

You should always work with an HVAC professional that has a good reputation for honest and high-quality service. The team at MVP Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing for every customer without any hidden fees. If you are in need of an inspection or repair, go ahead and give us a call at 520-990-6129. We offer appointments as well as emergency service if you experience an untimely breakdown after regular business hours. After we have found the issue, we will recommend the best solution to either go through with a repair or start over with a brand new appliance. Once everything is running at full potential, we will be happy to get you started with an annual maintenance plan to keep things running smoothly.

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