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Furnace Installation

Proper furnace installation is a job that demands the knowledge and experience of a professional HVAC contractor. furnace installationIf you are working with natural gas, this is especially true for reasons of safety in the home. You might feel confident with a little bit of unit cleaning and maintenance throughout the year, but it is always best to invest in a professional for the major tasks.

How To Tell Your Old Furnace Needs Replacing

A well-maintained furnace could last up to 25 years before requiring a full replacement, but you can expect to require a repair every once in a while. If your unit is at nearing the 15 year mark then you might notice that the repairs are becoming more expensive and complex. Even though your unit could still provide heating, it is worth considering a replacement at this point. A more obvious indicator that it’s time for a replacement is a full system breakdown because this can happen without warning if you do not go through yearly maintenance and tune-ups.

Choosing the Right Product

Unless you were living in the current home at the time of the previous install, there is no telling what considerations the previous homeowner made when choosing their furnace. The opportunity to replace is the perfect chance to take control of your heating by making smart product choices. It is not necessarily the best idea to choose the biggest or most expensive furnace. Have your contractor make a few necessary calculations to make sure that you get exactly what you need according to home size and requirements. A load calculation is even more precise because it includes a lot of different information about the home, such as the roof type and primary construction materials. When you feel confident in the new product, it is time to move forward with the removal and installation process.

Gas Furnace Installation

Safe removal of the old unit is vital when working with a gas supply, so never attempt to do this alone. A contractor will make sure that the old parts are all properly disposed of after the removal. The new unit is then prepared for the installation process by removing any loose parts and deciding on the exact placement. It is usually easiest to follow the placement of the old furnace so that the preparation work is very simple. Your installer is going to perform a perfect installation of the new product so it has quiet operation, adequate support, and the necessary drain pans to catch condensation. The unit is placed first so it can be connected to the existing duct system and properly sealed. Vent pipes are connected as well as the final step before working with the gas supply. After everything is connected and in place, the technician is going to run a series of safety tests so that you are cleared to start using the new furnace.

Electric Furnace Installation

Replacing an electric furnace with another is a much simpler process than working with gas. If the unit only heats one room, there should be no issues connecting with a duct system. A unit that is intended to heat the entire house has to be removed from the existing ducts before the new installation begins. Choosing to work in the same area for the new system is going to easily accommodate a new furnace. Otherwise, the technician will have to go through a few extra steps to ensure that there is adequate air flow and insulation. The unit itself should be very simple to connect to the power supply and existing ducts so that it is ready to use in no time.

Benefits of a New Furnace

The best reason to invest in a new furnace is the opportunity to cut down on the cost to operate. In a very cold winter, there is a good chance that the unit will get very little rest time. Newer models are built with greater energy efficiency to provide the right temperature without being under too much strain. If your older system made a lot of noise, you will appreciate the near silence provided by a fresh furnace. It is easy to keep a new unit working at maximum efficiency if you are committed to routine maintenance and an annual tune-up as needed.

At MVP Air Conditioning, we have the knowledge and experience that you need when it’s time to choose and install a brand new furnace. We invite you to set up an appointment by calling 520-990-6129 and we can get started helping you pick a new unit.

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