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Heating Services

Even though Tucson is a warm climate, it does have its share of cold days in winter. That’s why MVP Air Conditioning specializes in heat pump and furnace services in addition to air conditioning solutions.

We install both heat pumps and furnaces, and we’re adept at maintenance and repair as well. Our careful handling of your heating equipment and thorough knowledge of potential problems and their solutions make us the best choice when you have a heating issue to address.

Heat Pumps

Using a heat pump can save you time, money, and space; it allows you to stay warm in winter while forgoing the expense of installing and maintaining a separate furnace. Heat pumps are less heavy-duty heat producers, which mean they’re perfect for places like Tucson that enjoy a southern climate. If you currently have a heat pump or are thinking of having one installed, we’re here to provide expert advice as well as adept installation, maintenance, and repair.

Furnace Installation

Whether your furnace gave out recently or whether you’ve decided to switch to a furnace from a heat pump, you’re in the right place. We work with gas and electric heaters, providing removal and expert installation in a prompt and professional fashion.

Furnace Repair

You don’t need to wonder if repairing your model of heater is within our range of experience. If it’s a heater, we can work with it regardless of what type it is. Be sure to call right away if you notice your furnace is malfunctioning.

Many furnace issues are relatively harmless, but a few can cause expensive complications or even pose a threat to your health. Some signs that your furnace may need repairs are:

• The furnace makes strange and new sounds (especially grinding or shrieking).
• The furnace isn’t heating as well as it used to.
• The thermostat doesn’t regulate correctly (for example, the furnace won’t turn off).
• Strange smells are coming from the furnace.

If you observe any of these signs, it’s best to shut the furnace off (as well as the gas, if it’s a gas furnace) and call to schedule a service visit immediately. Fortunately, many furnace problems are preventable if your furnace is properly cared for. One important way to keep your furnace in good shape is to schedule an annual maintenance visit.

You can also perform some maintenance tasks on your own, such as:

  • changing the air filter
  • cleaning out around the fan (the area called the blower assembly)
  • and checking the fan belt periodically for damage.

Be sure that the furnace and the gas are both completely shut off and the furnace has fully cooled before you take these steps.

Remember to schedule your heating system’s yearly maintenance checkup in the fall before cold weather sets in. Doing maintenance before the cold season gives your furnace or heat pump the chance to heat your home as effectively as possible. It also allows us to find and correct any issues that might otherwise become pricey repair problems.

Call us today at 520-990-6129 to schedule an appointment for any of your heating needs in Tucson.

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