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24/7 Emergency AC Repair in Tucson

A working AC system is vital to not only comfort and quality of life but also health and safety. AC failure can be a true catastrophe, especially in a hot climate like Tucson’s. MVP Air Conditioning provides  emergency  air conditioning repair services to offer relief when you find yourself in this difficult situation.

What it Means

Offering emergency services means we’ve made ourselves available 24/7 so that you can call for repairs without stopping to worry about whether or not we’re open. Here at MVP Air Conditioning, we believe in keeping you cool, comfortable, and safe at all times. We realize you don’t just need a functioning AC system during the day, and we don’t want you to feel unprotected during off hours. AC failures, malfunctions, and outages can occur at any time of day or night. We’ll be your emergency contact and help you sort out any problems your AC unit may develop.

What to expect

When you call in for an emergency AC repair, you’ll be talking directly to one of the owners.Be sure to let us know what type of trouble you’re having with your system (such as blowing warm air instead of cool air, not blowing at all, refusing to turn on or off, making strange sounds or smells, and so on). We’ll assess the damage to your air conditioner and get the situation resolved as quickly as possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our quick service and our skilled diagnosticians. Here at MVP Air Conditioning, we consider you the most important person on our team and we’re always standing by to help.

Quick troubleshooting tips

Before you call in for emergency repairs (or even while waiting for help to arrive), you can take a few steps to make sure the cooling failure isn’t due to a simple misunderstanding. Check through this list of quick tips to see if your unit has a problem that you can easily remedy. We’ll gladly come out at any time of day or night, but we realize that some homeowners prefer to fix simple problems on their own.

  • Check the unit to see if there are visible blockages, such as sticks through the top of the unit, that may be physically stopping the fan.
  • If you have a heat pump, check the thermostat to make sure that it’s both turned to “cool” and set to the correct temperature.
  • Check power. If the unit won’t turn on, you may have a circuit or fuse that’s been tripped. You can also try replacing thermostat batteries if you suspect they’re wearing out.

If you choose to run these checks, remember to stay safe; never open the AC unit without first disconnecting the power, either at the shutoff box near the unit or at your main circuit breaker box. And if there is a blockage occurring at the outside unit, be sure to disconnect power before trying to remove it as well.

Get 24/7 Emergency AC Repair!

MVP Air Conditioning’s main purpose this summer is to keep you cool, comfortable, and safe. So whether you need your unit recharged, a blockage cleared, or coils defrosted, we’re always standing by waiting for your call. Simply dial 520-990-6129 to get in touch with us and request an emergency visit.


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