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The Cornerstone of the MVP Maintenance Agreement is your bi-annual servicing.

This is a comprehensive cleaning of your air conditioning and heating system including the condenser, coil, air handler/furnace.  This service includes the following:

Spring Service: 

* Inspect & clean condenser coil as needed.
* Inspect & lubricate condenser fan motor as needed.
* Inspect condenser controls and check operations.
* Inspect fan motor and verify amp draw.
* Inspect refrigerant levels for efficient & reliable operation.
* Inspect air filters.  Clean if necessary.  Replace with customer supplied filter, if possible.
* Inspect evaporator coil.  (an additional charge will apply if coil must be cleaned)
* Inspect condensate drain, check for proper operation and clean, if necessary.
* Inspect condensate pump operation.

Fall Service:

* Inspect & lubricate blower motor as needed.
* Inspect air handler/furnace blower function.
* Inspect air filters.  Clean if necessary.  Replace with customer supplied filter, if possible.
* Inspect burner operation.  Clean if necessary. (Furnace)
* Inspect fuel supply & pressure. (Furnace)
* Inspect pilot assembly. (Furnace)
* Inspect heat exchanger.  (Furnace)
* Inspect limit switch operation.
* Inspect reversing valve for proper operation. (HP)
* Inspect auxiliary heat for proper operation. (HP)

 Any and all discrepancies to be noted for future repairs or follow up. Any additional repairs not covered above will be performed on a time & materials basis upon approval of the homeowner.               

MVP Maintenance Agreements – One Spring & One Fall Service per Year

1 yr  – $ 200.00                    additional system x         $ 125.00 ea
2 yrs  – $ 380.00                  additional system x         $ 238.00 ea
4 yrs – $ 718.00                   additional system x         $ 450.00 ea
6 yrs – $ 1,073.00                   additional system x         $ 637.00 ea
8 yrs – $ 1,279.00                additional system x         $ 800.00 ea

Maintenance Agreement Benefits:

* Priority Service for No Cool / No Heat
* No Overtime Charges
* 20% off Parts on Covered Equipment
* Service Call Charge Waived on Repairs Over $200
* Top Off Refrigerant Free (under 1 lb)
* Replace Missing Freon Caps Free
* Reinsulate Outdoor Lines Free (< 10 ft)
* 10% off New Unit Installation
* 1 yr Labor Warranty on All Parts Installed by MVP

One Air Conditioning or Heat Pump system consists of:
One (1) Air Handler + One (1) A-Coil + One (1) Condenser  Or  One (1) Furnace + One (1) A-Coil + One (1) Condenser

  1. This agreement is not in force if the customer’s account is delinquent.
  1. MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. agrees to render service to the customer’s equipment for the period specified beginning on the date of the first service.
  2. Prior to initial acceptance on a service plan, equipment must be in good working order at time of initial servicing. If equipment needs repairs in order to get the equipment to proper working order, parts & labor charges will be the responsibility of the customer. MVP Air Conditioning, LLC reserves the right to refuse plan acceptance on obsolete or poorly maintained equipment.
  3. Upon approval, acceptance, and payment, this service plan will be effective immediately. Preventative maintenance will be performed during the period the plan is in effect, at the mutual convenience of the customer and MVP Air Conditioning, LLC.
  4. These service plans are not written on a prorated basis and no refunds will be made if the customer cancels before the normal expiration date. These service plans are not transferable to another homeowner. These service plans are void if anyone, other than an employee of MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. works on the equipment.
  5. Prices quoted for service plans are for ordinary residential heating & cooling systems.
  6. MVP Air Conditioning, LLC.’s obligation to furnish parts shall be subject to their availability through normal supply sources.
  7. The service plan includes only repair and replacement of parts that are defective due to ordinary use or wear and tear based on the judgment of MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. Contract does not include service to replace parts damaged by floods, fire, hurricane, explosion, war, acts of God or other causes beyond the control of MVP Air Conditioning, LLC.
  8. MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. shall be released of liability for failure or delay to provide , within reasonable time, the service called for under these plans, when failure or delay may result from strike or other labor disturbance, fire, flood, lightning, war, or other acts of God; supply shortages, government regulations, extreme weather conditions; or unavailability of parts. In no case shall MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. be responsible beyond the actual repair or replacement cost of the parts or materials covered by these agreements.
  9. There shall be no liability for any reason on the part of MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. for work done by anyone other than an employee of MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. unless such person is authorized in writing by MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. to perform such work or furnish parts.
  10. MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. shall be released of liability for any direct or indirect consequential damages in any way arising out of performance or nonperformance of its obligations under these service plans, including but not limited to injury to or death of person or property damage of a description resulting from defects in or failure of operation of any heating, cooling or related equipment.
  11. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that heating and/or cooling unit(s) is accessible for service. If it is inaccessible, service will not be performed.
  12. During the life of these agreements MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. will provide dependable, prompt, emergency service 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The following circumstances constitute emergency service: no cooling, no heat, smoke, serious fuel leaks or dangerous situations.

MVP Air Conditioning, LLC. is a full service and licensed mechanical service company offering HVAC.
On behalf of MVP, we thank you for being a part of the MVP Heating &  Air Conditioning family.

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